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Expertise. Integrity. Discernment.

Your people are your most important asset; they are critically important to your business! Do you have the structures and processes in place to attain that next level of growth and profitability? Are they scalable? Do you have the right teams in place to get there? Are they demonstrating the habits of high performance teams? 

HoneyBee HR provides the services you need. Whether you require an operational needs assessment, recruitment services, guidance navigating cultural change, leadership development for your managers, or a virtual Chief People Officer to help you implement a proper people infrastructure, we do it. Our approach is customized and tailored to the specific needs of your business.



Expert Guidance.

Are you a startup or small company just making your first HR hire? Do you need help figuring out how to develop and implement a people function? We have people solutions that are right for you.

What this offering entails:

  • Attract and retain the best talent for your business

  • ​Design and build a people infrastructure that scales with you as you grow

  • Partner with leaders to design solutions for all phases of the employee lifecycle

  • Develop and cultivate a strong workplace culture

  • Create and establish a compensation and rewards structure

  • Develop or enhance your performance management and recognition programs

  • Partner with executives to design an effective L&D program

  • Handle tough employee relations issues

  • Provide executive coaching

  • Develop an effective onboarding program


Melissa is an award winning human resources professional with over 15 years of experience working in the advertising, digital, entertainment, financial, media and technology sectors. She has experience building and running people teams in scrappy start-ups just making their first HR hires to large enterprise companies with established foundational people processes already in place. She understands the different needs that each environment requires.


Her passion for creativity fuels her desire to find the most innovative solutions to business problems. While at Beyond, Melissa launched a Diversity and Inclusion program across the US using design thinking. Some of the innovations from this program include a plug-in designed to reduce bias when screening job applicants, an AI learning program, an AI ethics policy, and a D&I Playbook entailing how to include accessible design in all the creative work coming out of the agency. Antibias won Honorable Mention at the 2019 Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards & 2019 Fast Company Innovation By Design Awards.

Melissa recently partnered with Jenai Marinkovic and Kris Rides at TiroSecurity to launch the NextCiso Apprenticeship. The security job of the future is being automated away; programs for security certifications and degrees do not address the skills necessary to make graduates ready to work on day one.  Minority representation within the cybersecurity field is roughly 26%, with only 14% women. Minority employment tends to be concentrated in non-management positions, fewer occupying leadership roles, despite being, on average, more highly educated. Managing diversity is one of the defining issues of our time. The program is designed to elevate women and BIPOC and set them on their journey to becoming a CISO.


James Turk, CEO & Founder

Every once in a while you have the chance to partner with people who are exceptional at their jobs. That has been my experience with Melissa. We have partnered together for several years in customizing learning solutions for organizations where she was providing HR leadership. Her eye for detail. strategic mindset and innovative style make working with her a pure pleasure.




“We recognize talent and nurture it as best as we can”

Melissa sat down with Top Interactive Agencies on November 28th, 2018.

Read the interview here. 





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